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Peer-reviewed monographs

2015Fault Lines: Earthquakes and Urbanism in Modern Italy, New York Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Winner of the 2015 Book Prize of the American Association for Italian Studies (2016 competition), category 20th and 21st century.

Winner of the 2016 Anci-Storia Book Prize, jointly awarded by Sissco (Società italiana per lo studio dell’Italia contemporanea) and Anci (Associazione Nazionale dei Comuni Italiani).

Shortlisted for the 2016 Sissco Opera Prima (first work) book prize awarded by the Sissco (Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia Contemporanea).

Shortlisted for the 2017 Turku Book Award of the European Society for Environmental History and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

Reviewed or featured in Environmental History, Global Environment, The Journal of Modern Italian Studies, Il Mestiere di Storico, Entitle Blog, Edge Effects, Il Lavoro Culturale.

Peer-reviewed articles

2021Giacomo Parrinello, G Mathias Kondolf, “The Social Life of Sediment”, Water History, 13, 1 (2021) DOI: 10.1007/s12685-021-00280-w
2021Giacomo Parrinello, Simone Bizzi, Nicola Surian, “The Retreat of the Delta: A Geomorphological History of the Po River Basin during the Twentieth Century”, Water History  13, 1 (2021) DOI :10.1007/s12685-021-00279-3
2020Fabrizio Frascaroli, Giacomo Parrinello, Meredith Root-Bernstein, “Linking contemporary river restoration to economics, technology, politics, and society: perspectives from a historical case study of the Po River Basin, Italy”, AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment, 50, 492-504
doi: 10.1007/s13280-020-01363-3.
2020Renaud Bécot, Giacomo Parrinello, « Gouverner le désir de rivage. La fondation du Conservatoire du littoral, 1972-1978 », Le Mouvement Social, 271, 65-82,
2020Giacomo Parrinello, Etienne Benson, and Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, “Estimated Truths : Water, Science, and the Politics of Approximation”, Journal of Historical Geography, 68, April 2020, 3-10,
2019Giacomo Parrinello, « Décider en situation d’urgence : une histoire environnementale. L’exemple du séisme du Bélice (Sicile, 1968) »  Entreprise et Histoire.
2019Giacomo Parrinello, Renaud Bécot, Marco Caligari, Ismael Yrigoy, “The Shifting Shores of the Anthropocene:  The Settlement and (Unstable) Stabilization of the North-Western Mediterranean Littoral over the 19th and 20th Centuries”, Environment and History Fast Track.
2019Giacomo Parrinello and Renaud Becot, ‘Regional Planning and the Environmental Impact of Coastal Tourism: The Mission Racine for the Redevelopment of Languedoc-Roussillon’s Littoral, in “Bayscapes: Shaping the Coastal Infrastructure Through Time” edited by Poul Holm and Niall Brady, special issue of Humanities, 8, 1, 13.
2018Giacomo Parrinello, ‘Systems of Power: A Spatial Envirotechnical Approach to Water Power and Industrialization in the Po Valley of Italy ca. 1880-1970’ Technology and Culture, 59, 3 (2018): 652-688. 10.1353/tech.2018.0062
2018 Giacomo Parrinello, ‘L’environnement de l’histoire environnementale : un enjeu politique ?’ Histoire @ Politique, 34.
2017Giacomo Parrinello, ‘Charting the Flow: Water Science and State Hydrography in the Po Watershed, 1872-1917,’ Environment and History, 23, 1 (2017): 65-96.
2016 Giacomo Parrinello, ‘Les enjeux de l’après : vulnérabilité et résilience à l’épreuve des politiques de la catastrophe au 20ième siècle,’ Vertigo : la revue électronique en sciences de l’environnement, 16, 3 (2016).
2013 Giacomo Parrinello, ‘The City-Territory: Large-Scale Planning and Development Policies in the Aftermath of the 1968 Belice Earthquake (Sicily),’ Planning Perspectives: An international journal of history, planning, and the environment, 28, 4 (2013), 571-593.
2012Giacomo Parrinello, ‘Post-Disaster Migrations and Returns: the 1908 Messina Earthquake and the 1968 Belice Valley Earthquake (Sicily),” in Global Environment: Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences, 9, 26-49.
2010 ‘Chi gioca solo e chi no. Ricerca sociale e azione democratica in Sicilia, 1952-1968’, Diacronie. Studi di Storia Contemporanea. Dossier: Luoghi e non luoghi della Sicilia contemporanea: istituzioni, culture politiche e potere mafioso, 3, 2 (2010), 1-28.

Book chapters (non-peer reviewed)

2015Giacomo Parrinello, ‘ Belice 1968: istituzioni, territorio, memorie» in Mariuccia Salvati and Loredana Sciolla, eds. L’Italia e le sue regioni: istituzioni, territori, culture, società, vol. 3: Culture, 403-18. Roma: Istituto dell’Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani.

Other publications (non-peer reviewed)

2018“To Whom Does the Story Belong? Earthquake Memories, Narratives, and Policy in Italy”, in “Sites of Remembering: Landscapes – Lessons – Policies,” edited by Vikas Lakhani and Eveline De Smalen, RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environments and Societies.
2016“Note per una storia ambientale della circolazione delle acque nel bacino del Po. Appunti su una ricerca in corso.” In Altronovecento. Ambiente, tecnica, società. 28
2014“Exploring the Po River Delta: An Experiment in Digital Multimedia Storytelling,” in Seeing the Woods, a blog by the Rachel Carson Center.
2014“Knowledge Gains and Geeky Pleasures: Adding Digital to Environmental History” in Ant Spider Bee: Exploring the Digital Environmental Humanities.
2013“Making Tracks: Giacomo Parrinello,” in Seeing the Woods, a blog by the Rachel Carson Center.
2012«Il terremoto del Belice: intervista a Lorenzo Barbera» [The Belice Valley Earthquake: Interview with Lorenzo Barbera] in «Terremoti: storia, memorie, narrazioni» [Earthquakes: History, Memory, Narratives], G. Gribaudi, A.M. Zaccaria, eds., special issue of Memoria/memorie. Materiali di storia, 5 : 171-200.
2012Disastri, territorio e politiche pubbliche» [Disasters, Territory, and Public Policies], review essay for Il Mestiere di Storico. Rivista della società italiana per lo studio della storia contemporanea, IV/2 (2012), 66-69.
2008«La sinistra rivoluzionaria italiana dopo il 1968: esperienze orizzonti e linguaggi», Storicamente: laboratorio di storia, 4 (2008).

Book reviews

2016Gabriella Corona, Breve storia dell’ambiente in Italia, Il Mulino, Bologna 2015, in Il Mestiere di Storico, 2016, 1. p.
2014Pietro Saitta, Quota Zero. Messina dopo il terremoto: la ricostruzione infinita, Roma: Donzelli, 2013, In Il Mestiere di Storico, 2014, 1, p. 225.
2014Stephane Castonguay and Matthew Evenden (eds.), Urban Rivers: Remaking Rivers, Cities, and Space in Europe and North America, Pittsburgh: PA, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012, in The AAG Review of Books 2, 3 (2014) 94-96.
2011Bruno Ziglioli, La mina vagante: il disastro di Seveso e la solidarietà nazionale, Milano, Franco Angeli (2010), Storia e Futuro. Rivista di storia e storiografia on line, 27 (2011), 1455.html
2008Andrea Noto, Messina 1908: I disastri e la percezione del terrore nell’evento terremoto, Maneria Sovelli, Rubettino (2008), Storia e Futuro. Rivista di storia e storiografia on line, 21 (2009). 4_ Terremoto- messina~1294. html